Tuesday, May 5, 2009

FML # 1-2-3

I didn't sleep last night.

I go to class at 9:30. I get there on time, since my professor has a knack of ticking people off the attendance list if you're so much as 2 minutes late. Anyways, I was dead tired, as you can imagine, and I was in no shape to endure an hour and a half of Business Law lectured by an english-illiterate half breed.

So I start spacing out, I sort've unfocus my eyes a little bit, and since the professor was squinting at a Domino's pizza flyer (don't ask) I thought I'd have 5 minutes of respite. I stare into the back of the chair in front of me, which is to say nothing, and a girl sits down on the seat - I barely notice, but apparently she didn't take a liking in my behaviour.

So she waits till the professor starts lecturing to loudly whisper "what are you looking at???"

Thankfully I had the reflex of pretending I was half asleep (as I was) and that she had just woken me up from my day-dream (which she had). Nonetheless my professor now thinks I'm a perv.


Moral: If you think you're gonna start day-dreaming in class, shield your eyes at all cost.

After class, I start walking to the campus exit when this woman corners me with a free cup of hot steaming coffee. I gently refuse, since I intended to take a nap as soon as I got home, but she insisted, so I took the cup and I started walking away from her.

But nooo she insists on hounding me until I drank the whole cup, constantly reminding that it would be a waste of *good* (not so much really) coffee. So I down the whole cup and was deprived of my so dearly needed nap.


Moral: If you're going to sleep, and a dubious woman wants to hand you a cup of coffee, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE.

Clearly after these two fiascos I thought, "What else could go wrong in the space of 1 hour?" Right? Well lo-and-behold, I walk off campus and onto the streets of Beirut to get back to my studio apartment, and some Machiavellian hag decides to throw away her dirty water out the window...and onto my blissfully uncovered head.


Moral: If you're walking on the streets of Beirut, you're having a bad day ALWAYS look up when walking under balconies.