Monday, November 2, 2009


Right, let's start from the beginning.

I'm no longer on my "study abroad" year in Beirut, it saddens me and makes me happy all in the same time, just because of all the great and inane things I blogged about. So CONTRARY to common belief, the Beiruti Stupid is native to all countries and regions around the world, and I'm here to blog about it.

Now, granted, they're not ALL from Beirut...that would just sadden me. So I'm upstarting my blog, and this time I'm on steroids.

The first time I walked in to a Dunkin Donuts in Boston was in August 2007, just before I started college here. To my eternal joy, I see that they're selling croissants, which as you know, is a French pastry, hence its popularity among Lebanese (who says we aren't refined? huh?)

The croissants shelf wasn't labeled. I approached the cashier and blurted out "Can I please have a cRRRRoissant?" in typical "refined" Lebanese way. The cashier looked at me oddly and responded "You mean the French donut, sir?"

Yes you read it right, she said:

"French donut"

Absolutely dumbfounded by this newfound discovery - that in America, they tend to generalize foreign delicacies (Swiss Cheese=Emmenthal...I know, tell me about it) - so I resolved to answer tit for tat:

"Could I have a German donut instead?"

"A what?"

"A pretzel. Oh you don't have that. I'll have a Jewish donut then"

"Excuse me?"

"No? You're not catching on to this? Bagel? Get it?"


"You know what, I'll just settle on the croissant"

I hope you like it, there's more to come soon!