Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Weekend: How I ruined my date.

So last Saturday was quite eventful for me. That morning I was drifting in a bookstore searching for something that could help me in my research for my International Law class. I come across this girl, holding a book in each hand, as if trying to decide which book to choose. One of these books, I thought, could help me out. So I wait there for about 5 minutes, which is longer than she needs to take to choose, and all of a sudden she turns to me and says "Shou baddak?" which to you illiterates means "what do you want?" in Arabic. I then proceed to explain to her that i was waiting for her to put that book back on the shelf so i can take it and buy it. She apologizes, I say it's ok, I ask her if she wants coffee, she says she'd like to. Great start huh?
After coffee, I ask her if she wanted to do something that night, she said she would be busy at first, but she'd like to catch a late movie somewhere. Great.
About 15 minutes before the movie screening, I drive my car to the underground parking entrance. It's raining cats and dogs outside, I switch off the front wipers, and the security guard circles around the car with his explosives detector, finds nothing, and tells me to pop the trunk. I do so with due diligence. What can go wrong from there huh? Well...
He goes to the back of my car, starts lifting the trunk, and the back wiper slaps him in the face...twice.
So he tells me to pull over about 100 yards from the entrance, calls in the entire squad of wannabe-policemen, as they go on and search my car for about 20 minutes. Front, back, underneath, spare tire slot, they check it all.
I'm late for my date.
I run to the ticket booth, see her there waiting, weary eyed, I apologize, and we buy 2 tickets to see watchmen, since it was the only movie that hadn't started yet. Now I don't know if you know this, but the first half of the movie is film-noir, in other words, Boring, capital B.
Midway in the movie, I start feeling tired and sleepy. I figured that the next fight scene is gonna wake me up, hey, no harm in that! I close my eyes, I start tilting my head, unconsciously of course, this wasn't a cheap date trick. And as soon as my head touches her shoulder, she screamed at the top of her lungs.

Turns out, I woke HER up.
I'm ashamed to call back. What do you think?



  1. I think u should call back. maybe she was really tired. and if she's hot, u might not regret it.

  2. Sound like you two were made for each other.

    I'm interested in reading Part II. . .

  3. i would like to see her reading this shit:P hahahaha couz ur amazing:D just invite her;) take another chance;) c tjours pa la fin du monde ce n'é k un pti debu alléz y lance toi:D